Mindful Beginnings

Our world today is so demanding and full of distractions that it has become vital that we, as individuals, learn to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into our modern lives.  The Mindful Now is here to provide modern souls with simple steps, gentle reminders, and loving support in their journey.

The Chinese character for mindfulness is derived from the words “presence” and “heart.” Mindfulness is a natural state of being, that anyone and everyone can leverage to make their own lives, and the lives of others, better.  It is pure awareness, a stillness of mind and heart.

From an early age, before I could even articulate the concept of ‘mindfulness’, I strove for a sense of peace, ease, and balance in my daily life.  As a lifelong student of meditation, it has become increasingly apparent to me the need to make mindfulness accessible ~ and applicable ~ to the masses.  Mindfulness is for everyone, not just the monk on the mountaintop!  And so it is with great joy that I welcome you.  I look forward to interacting with you, knowing that together we can build a strong and mindful online community.

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